Cheap 800-789-7804 Phone Sex

Talk about cheap phone sex with anyone and you’re bound to get sideways looks of reproach from the people around you, as if you had just touched on a topic so taboo that nobody wants to even be around to hear you say these three words.  I was sitting in a coffee shop one day, in downtown Chicago and witnessed a unique scene which, if ever it needed one, served as a further proof that we, humans can be really hypocritical.

A couple, man and woman were having a discussion in the corner of the shop and from where were I was sitting, this was one conversation that was heading south really fast.  I could see from where I was sitting that the man was getting pretty worked up about something his partner had just said, and rather than deter the young lady, it felt as if she was holding steadfast, unwilling to change her position on whatever she had said.  Not only that, she was visibly enjoying herself which of course didn’t help calm her boyfriend.

The argument there were having was getting more heated by the minute and what had just started as muffled whispers between the two of them was getting louder and louder, loud enough for the rest of the room to hear every word they were saying.

“I can believe you work as a phone sex slut” the guy finally said and as he uttered these words, he immediately realized he had an audience and sat back in his chair as if this would hide him from everyone else who was watching them.

It’s not often that you hear something like that, and I for one, was really intrigued.  The rest of the patrons on the other hand were not, or so it seemed as they seemingly shot looks of disapproval at the lady as if to tell her that they sympathized with her boyfriend and how could she do such a job.

There was a table next to mine where a couple of men had been particularly active and their show of disapproval shaken as they seemed to be that a woman who looked so nice and proper could lower herself and talk about sex by phone with men, all over the country.

After a while the conversation quietened down until the boyfriend eventually got up and walked out, to the obvious delight of some of the patrons…

Cheap-1-800-789-7804-Phone-SexLike any public disturbance, this one had now faded away and coffee shop was abuzz with conversations.  I thought nothing more and opened my newspaper but not before I noticed something incredible. Two of the men sitting at the table next to mine, the one who had shown the most outrage passed right next to the lady, and discreetly gave her their business card.

That’s hypocrisy for you folks.  I wonder how many people did the same thing.  Sometimes when I think about that day, I like to imagine that the whole scene was a plot by those two to drum up some interest and get business in. It would make sense don’t you think? So before you start criticizing those who do call phone sex lines, answer this simple question.  If a pretty and sexy women gave you her telephone number and encouraged you to call her for free and to have adult fun, would you say no?

I didn’t think so.